Chopsticks Cuisine is a Chinese family owned and operated restaurant, adjoining Wedgewood, Ravenna, and Bryant, at the intersection of NE 75th street and 35th Ave NE, across the street from Safeway, but not too far from the University of Washington and the Sand Point Country Club. All produce are fresh-hand selected-to ensure the best quality and experience. Have some homemade tasty meals and wash it all down with one of our refreshing drinks! You'll fall in love with our dishes, especially our vegetarian and vegan dishes.Also try some of signature dishes, such as the Crab Rangoon, Hot Sour Soup, Mongolian Tofu, Orange Tofu, Stir Fried Udon, Szechwan Spicy Boiled Fish Sour Pickled Cabbage, and Cumin Lamb Chow Fun. And don't forget our delicious milk tea and fruit slushes.
7347 35th Ave NE
Seattle, WA